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(Transcript): A black man with a dark blue/greenish v-neck shirt with a dark green background.

Here is the precious history of RAD. Do you want to be curious how RAD was established in 1977? Go ahead to check the first page, it says 1977. How did we start? The story drafted out and who did establish RAD in 1977, how did we start. 2nd, the history page explained who was involved with RAD and was on the board including names to honor them.

History of NRSD-RAD

Rainbow Alliance, conceived by Roy Parker in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, aimed to bring together LGBTQ+ individuals nationwide. Initially called the National Rainbow Society of the Deaf (NRSD), it later became the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD). Co-founders included Roy Parker, Michael Hagerty, Richard Hill, Guy Wonder, Herbert Fradin, Edward Schwartz, James Dunne, and Richard Thrash.

Established as a nonprofit on April 30, 1977, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the first convention took place at the Oceanside Holiday Inn, hosted by the Coconut City Society of the Deaf (CCSD). Herb Fradin became the first President, Mike Hagerty the first Vice President, and Edward Schwartz the first Secretary/Treasurer.

Initially, there were 4 chapters represented by 4 delegates:

  1. Empire Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (ERAD) [Ed Schwartz and Guy Wonder]

  2. Windy City Rainbow Society of the Deaf (WCRSD) [Jim Dunne and Richard Thrash]

  3. Sir II [Mike Hagerty and Dick Hill]

  4. Coconut City Society of the Deaf (CCSD) [Herbert Fradin and Roy Parker]

The convention was planned to rotate annually between different locations. In 1982, NRSD changed its name to Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD) to include Canadian members. The annual convention ended in 1985, transitioning to a biennial format starting in 1987 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

In 1991, the terminology shifted from "convention" to "conference" to facilitate grants and donations. The Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf's purpose is to support the educational, economic, and social welfare of Deaf LGBTQ+ individuals, fostering fellowship, defending rights, and advocating for social justice. Numerous Deaf LGBTQ+ organizations exist in the United States and Canada.


This image features a portrait of a man with a short beard and mustache, wearing glasses. He has a confident, friendly expression and is dressed in an orange shirt, which suggests a casual setting. The man appears middle-aged, with a slightly graying beard, indicating experience and maturity. The background of the photo is not clearly visible but seems to be a painting or a picture with lavender flowers, providing a soft, floral backdrop that contrasts with the man’s attire. The photo quality suggests it may not be a recent picture or could have been taken with a lower resolution camera.

Dick Hill



GPT  This image shows a smiling bald man with a mustache. He appears to be in a good mood and is wearing a dark shirt patterned with what could be floral or palm motifs, which gives off a relaxed, vacation-like vibe. The environment behind him is a bit blurred, suggesting an indoor setting with warm lighting, possibly a home or a restaurant. The man's friendly demeanor and open smile make the photo feel inviting and warm.

Guy Wonder



an image of an elderly man with white hair smiling at the camera. He's wearing glasses and a red t-shirt, which seems to have a white graphic or design on the front. The man's expression is jovial and welcoming. The background is indistinct but appears to be a domestic interior, perhaps a kitchen or a dining area, given the cabinetry and homey atmosphere. The image conveys a sense of warmth and friendliness.

Roy Parker


19?? -

a portrait of an older gentleman with a friendly smile. He has light gray hair and is wearing round-framed glasses. Dressed in formal attire, he has on a dark suit and a purple tie, indicating this photo may have been taken for a professional purpose or a formal occasion. The blueish-purple background is smooth and nondescript, often typical of professional portraits or headshots. His demeanor appears kind and approachable.

Herbert Fradin


1929 - 2010

a photo of an elderly man with a joyful expression. He has balding white hair and is wearing a light-colored shirt. The man is smiling broadly, showing that he's in a moment of happiness or laughter. The lighting in the picture suggests it's taken indoors, with natural light coming from behind, which might indicate a window with a view of trees or a wooded area, given the hints of green and vertical lines that resemble tree trunks or shadows.

James Dunne


1929 - 2016

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