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Nomination Form


Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD) recognize any individual who is part of Deaf LGBTIQA+ communities once every month. The purpose of this is to promote awareness for anyone who dedicated their time to this community in any cause. It is very important to preserve the history within our community that have made some different for the others’ life. We are responsible to carry out the passing the torch to the next generation with the rich history in this modern era.


  • No self-nominations.

  • Nominee must be part of Deaf/HH LGBTIQA+ Community.

  • Nominator must explain why the nominee is deserving that.

  • The judges will appoint the nominee at end of the month.

  • The deadline of this nomination form is on 20th of each monthly. 

 Nominator: (You)


Nominee is Deaf/Hard of Hearing?
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